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GODOWDY.COM - We offer "the Premiere" providers of Legal and Identity Theft Services to Families, Small Business Owners, and Commercial Drivers.  Just think of us as the Uber, the Netflix, the Lyft, the Amazon of Legal and Identity Theft Protection Industry. We also offer a business opportunity which has been called, "The Business Opportunity of The 21st Century." - Learn More!

MRCBA.ORG - Randy J.D., Co-founder and Director of Behavioral Services @ MRC Behavioral Academy, says, "with the right support every child/adult on the Autism spectrum can obtain new heights. - Look Around! If you are a special needs caregiver and would like to join our network of providers, Contact Us! 

HLPUSA.COM - Health & Wellness is today's Wealth.  Join the CBD Wellness and Opportunity Network - Learn More / Shop Here!

Studio-4-Rent! / Room-4-Rent!


MRCBA.ORG / Serving Special Needs Families throughout the South Bay and OC - Learn More!  MRCBA.ORG - WE need to buy two to three more houses, one each in the followings areas: Torrance, Carson, Long Beach, and Anaheim California. We are looking for housing for some of our adult Special Needs Clients. If you have a house you would like to sell or know someone who does, please contact us before you/they talk to an agent, we pay top dollar, BUT (we do note pay agent fees) Contact Us!   

THESHEAKERTEMPLE.ORG / Sneakers / Sneakers / Sneakers / My son says if you are looking for the latest releases in the world of sneakers or if you prefer unique and hard to find sneakers you have come to the right place!  Please contact him directly @ More!  CONTACT RJD!  


                                                    THIS IS OUR PLAN B ... WHAT'S YOURS!

Legal & Identity Thief Plans - View This Video! & Visit Our Website! These are the products and services that saved our home from foreclosure in 2001. Sinse that time, we have purchased, sold/or retained more than nine houses. My brother and I also own the house we grew up in, Our Family Home!

We conduct weekly business opportunity briefings. Briefing in Long Beach is every Thursday Night from 7:15 to 8:30 / Call / tex for locations.   Attendance is free. - Ph: 714-273-5223! We also conduct ON-LINE Business Briefings by Appointment Only.  

The truth of the matter is this: 

"If you don't learn how to make money while you sleep,
you will work until you die!" - Warren Buffett 
If you are wondering why we are such firm believers of Building Multiple Streams of Income, it is how we saved our home from foreclosure in 2001! We Can Show You How!
A Special Note to MY Sneaker Temple Members:  We will be contacting you soon with a fantastic offer of some One-On-One assistance to help you reach your Financial Goals!  More to Come!
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We love traveling ... a lot, and this always helps:  Cost of living worldwide!